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Cookie Policy

Vicalite S.R.L. with its registered office in Băile Tușnad, 68 Kovacs Miklos Street, Harghita County, CIF RO4241737, registered in the Trade Register under no. J19 / 534/1993, as data controller, we hereby inform you of the processing of your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation [“GDPR”] and the national law in force.


Categorization of cookies used on this site:


functional cookies - are used to improve the user experience

analytics cookies - Google Analytics TM cookies are used


Additional Information:


Cookies themselves do not require personal information in order to be used and, in most cases, do not personally identify internet users. Personal data collected through the use of Cookies may only be collected to facilitate certain functionalities for the user.


Deleting Cookies:


In general, an application used to access web pages allows you to save cookies on the terminal by default. These settings can be changed so that the automatic administration of Cookies is blocked by the web browser or the user is informed every time Cookies are sent to his terminal. Detailed information on the possibilities and ways of managing cookies can be found in the settings area of ​​the application (web browser).

Limiting the use of cookies may affect certain features of the website.

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